People First

The quality of the people in our teams is what we value the most. This has been the key to the success of our family business for almost 50 years. Our company and the fact that we continue to grow in an ever changing, challenging, global economy is a result of each and every one of us and that is something we continue to recognize.   

Recently we changed our working schedules to improve our work-life balance, and to allow for more time with our families, establishing office hours that end most days at 3:15 PM. This not only improved our day to day quality of life, but also increased the company’s efficiency.

In addition, Unecol has a firm commitment to ensure our production continues to respect the environment and to offer equal employment opportunities.  We also employ people with disabilities as part of our teams. We are very proud of Maqdobli’s Special Employment Center, where 10 of our colleagues fulfil important roles within our business, whilst taking into account their personal needs.

We are proud to be part of Unecol Adhesive Ideas.