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Adhesive elastic sealant. Excellent mechanical properties. Can be applied to wet surfaces. Anti-mould. Paintable, it is recommended to do previous tests. Fast, odourless. It is safe to use on metals and does not stain natural stone or marble. No isocyanates, silicones and solvents.

Seal: in most construction materials and industry: sealing roofs, skylights, seals between prefabricated elements, frame/work, metalwork, woodwork, glass, windows, gutters, toilets and seals in general. Elastic bonding of panels, cladding, baseboards, skirting boards, tiles, frames, sinks, vents and air conditioning, construction materials…

User's guide

Directions for use: Surfaces must be clean. Sealing: Apply continuously. After application the product can be smoothed with soapy water and a spatula before the film is formed. Bonding:  Apply on one of the surfaces to be joined forming vertical stripes with enough separation between them to allow for air circulation. Press the pieces to be joined together, taking care not to touch the product and ensuring subsequent ventilation. If necessary, hold the two pieces while the product works. Approximate consumption: 1 cartridge per 2 m2. Shelf life: Stored in a cool, dry place, it maintains its properties for 12 months.



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